1. Seven Months?


    That’s how long it’s been since our last and only post up until now. Even by my standards of sloth and procrastination that’s pretty ridiculous. Since then we’ve had a few memorable nights with Ron Morelli, Marco Bernardi, Anthony Parasole and Levon Vincent. I like to think we can be happy looking back on those bookings, and Factory haven’t kicked us out yet so we must be doing something right. I’ll spare you going into detail on each one, but rest assured there were plenty of good tunes, good times and good people.

    Special mention must go to John Daly who has also played a blinder for us, appearing on no less than three occasions and absolutely nailing it each time. The Cork man really has been on a serious run of late, and it’s great to see him doing so well.

    Coming up (tomorrow actually – March 9th) we have an Apartment Records showcase that’ll be split between the Bierhaus and Factory, with Kenny Hanlon in the pub all night from 9pm and TR-One sharing the bill with Mark Forshaw in the club from 11. Most of us will know what Dean and Eddie (TR-One) are capable of behind a set of decks. Without a doubt they’re up there with the best that are doing it in the country right now, and Hanlon’s no slouch either so there’s no doubt that the lads will rock it. Personally, I’m probably most excited about hearing Mark Forshaw play, simply because it’s the first time I’ll get to catch one of his sets after following him for quite a while. Dude is held in high esteem in Liverpool, and when you hear the likes of John Heckle singing his praise you’d best take notice. Fair dues to Kenny for arranging to have Mark over.

    It’s often nights like this one that I look forward to most in general. It’s always good to be able to get behind Irish artists and labels that you really believe in, and we’re lucky that there are quite a few doing the rounds at the moment that we can all be proud of. Also, there’s nothing beats chemistry in a line up, and I expect the lads are going to buzz well off each other on Saturday.

    Beyond tomorrow, we’re also making plans for our first birthday in May, and the summer beyond that. We’ll have more news about that soon as well as maybe a few bits about records we’re digging.  We won’t leave it seven months this time. I promise…

    In the mean time, wrap your ears around the ambrosial sounds of Mark Forshaw. Robbed from his Soundcloud.



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  2. Epoch presents Scott Ferguson (Ferrispark Records)

    Last time Scott Ferguson played in the Bierhaus, he impressed so much that a return date was a must. He’ll be back on Saturday July 28th with things kicking off at 9pm. This time however there will be a bar extension until 2am as part of  the Galway Arts Festival. As is always the case in the Bierhaus it will be free admission.

    For anyone who has not seen Scott play, try and take the time to listen to this series of mixes which have been compiled in three parts since October 2009, with the latest being uploaded only recently. They are a fantastic representation of what the man is capable of behind the turntables.


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